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Our circumstances are a direct result of our actions

However we see our circumstances, be it good, bad or indifferent, they are merely the sum total of all our actions. In other words, everything we have said and done has resulted in where we are today. Knowing that our circumstances are a direct result of our actions, and that our actions stem from our thought processes, if our circumstances are not completely satisfactory then it is our thought processes that must come into question.

Cause and effect

When a person acts in a hostile manner it is because of limited or partial mental perspective. It is the same when others join in hostilities and war erupts; mental perspective being the cause, and the resulting war being the effect. In other words, a person is driven toward unwanted behaviour by corrupt or inconclusive reason. When peace eventually prevails, this is also the product of reason. But rest assured, reason will eventually find another way to start another war and the circle of reason begins again.

The split reality of reason

We consider ourselves to be masters of the spoken and written word, but in reality we have been mastered by our own reason. Using reason we have effectively divided the mind in two; one side being, for and the other being, against. The mind is yours to do with as you may, so by infusing in to it the idea of, wrong it means that when you think of what you dont like you are effectively denying what you created (you dont like the idea of something) and this results in opposing factors that are in fact, one and the same. When our thoughts fluctuate between what we think we do and do not want, what we think we can and cannot have, and what we think we should and should not say and do, our feelings will respond in direct proportion to our acceptance or rejection to what we are thinking. In short, we have unknowingly created a war of the mind within itself, expressed to us via feelings, and ultimately, our life circumstances.

The rule of intent

What happens to a person does not necessarily have to determine how they feel and react, but how they think about what happens to them does. We all have the ability to think and act intentionally; that is, to simply do what we intend to do without reason or cause. Intent creates both thought processes and our ensuing behaviour. When we reason about our circumstances and experiences, we relinquish our ability to simply act intentionally over to our ability to think intentionally and then base our actions on our own logical conclusions. In other words, we are now basing our actions on reason, or logical outcome, and not on our intent. It then follows that we have allowed our reasoning to govern our intent, our feelings, and ultimately our actions.

One true reality

Reality is an ever changing, all inclusive flow of information. Physical reality will not present anything to choose from; it is simply happening and you are experiencing it. Youre only real choice is how you interact with this ever-changing, all inclusive experience. This is why people react differently when in the same situation. This is exactly why, when the going gets tough, some fall apart and others rise to the challenge. Those who rise to the challenge may be aware of all the potential problems that may arise, but they remain calm and focused on there goal because of the way they operate their cognitive system.

Focus of intent

Focusing ones intent is not about thinking in the traditional way of reasoning, but about holding the idea of ones goal in mind to the extent whereby all other thought is excluded. Since everyone is an individual and that no two people have had the same sum total of experiences, there are literally infinite numbers of ways this can be achieved. A universal way is to imagine, (Hold an image-in the mind) and all you have to do, is just do it. Your actions will then be based on a fixed image and not on your own personal reasoning, which is always fluctuating in proportion to your own personal, for and, against ideas.

Taking control

Without reason, right and wrong cease to exist but our mind does not. When the mind is empty of reason we are simply at peace with our self. From this singular foundation we become a product of the imagination because there is no form of opposition in mind. Now whatever we perceive no longer has any control over us because we are not involved in the process of rejecting what we have created. In short, we deliberately substitute thoughts of what we dont wish to achieve with thoughts of what we do wish to achieve. Now we are free to use the imagination as we wish with the understanding that we are in control of our own mind and therefore our own actions; that is, our actions will be a direct reflection of our intentions without the intervention of speculation. Now we will gain maximum effect from minimum impulse.

The undeniable truth

You have the ability to listen and learn, and so you have the ability to find out how to think efficiently, and so effectively. Taking control of ones given ability to focus the intent on ones goal WITHOUT distraction is the key teaching of Trulove Unified. When people stop thinking about what has already transpired, or what may transpire they will be free to concentrate on the immediate situation regardless of speculation. This results in the ability to make something happen regardless of current circumstance. In other words, you will succeed where others would not.

Beating procrastination

The largest obstacle in any ones path to complete success is procrastination; that is, putting off effective action to another place and time for whatever reason. The place is here and the time is now, and this is the start of the rest of your life, so wile you are still aware that you are in control of your way of thinking, and so your life, you can do something about keeping control.

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